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The GUESS is unique and first of its kind Non Governmental Organization Promoted by a team of enthusiastic experts representing different dimensions of the Universal Green Belt Concept to serve the progressive and enterprising people on the “Planet Earth.”

GUESS is looking forward eagerly to the forward looking people willing to bring back a human face to the globe. We are sure you are one such. Several Visionaries are already at work with unified efforts in diversified fields. Let all of us join together Arise, Awake and stop not till the “Green Globe” is achieved. GUESS strongly believes in the concept of working towards achieving the “Green Earth,” “Green Health”.

Green Earth: GUESS and “Green Earth” go together to safeguard the environment and to preserve green life on “Planet Earth.” GUESS works towards ecological balance for a safe and sustained life on our “Green Planet.” GUESS is the Life Line for the Life to exist on this “Creative Globe.”
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